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Marathon Training Plans





Super Spring Marathon
Training Bundle

This all-inclusive 18-week program offers everything you need to guide you across the finish line with confidence


Access to Carleth's Running Coaches

Get exclusive access to Carleth's Running Coaches and join dynamic LIVE yoga/shake-out workouts. Our experienced coaches provide personalized tips and support to elevate your running game.



Is a tailored roadmap to marathon success. It progressively builds your endurance, speed, and stamina, ensuring peak condition on race day. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned runner, customize your journey with our adaptable time plans.


Nutrition Plan

Fuel your body for peak performance with our comprehensive nutrition plan. Developed by nutrition experts, it provides a balanced and customized approach to meet the specific energy requirements of marathon training.


Strength Plan

Build the strength necessary for the marathon journey. Our 18-week strength plan targets key muscle groups, enhancing your overall performance and reducing the risk of injury. With a focus on functional strength, you'll tackle the miles with resilience.


18-Week Yoga - Mental Preparation Plan

Nurture your mental resilience with our 18-week plan that combines yoga, meditation, and mental preparation exercises. Cultivate focus, reduce pre-race jitters, and enhance your mental toughness for a marathon-ready mindset.


Recovery Plan

Recovery is key to sustained performance. Our 18-week recovery plan includes strategies for post-run rejuvenation, injury prevention, and ensuring your body is ready for the next challenge. A crucial component to keep you feeling refreshed throughout your training.

But that is not all! 

Athletes who purchase the Super Spring Marathon Training Bundle get access to invite-only 30-minute weekly session where CRC members can connect and Q+A with Carleth's team! Don't miss out on your best race finish time yet, and being part of this vibrant community of runners. 

Everything included for only $249.00
*you can choose the time plan you want at checkout